The Language Curriculum

The Language Curriculum:

SB Education offers an intensive language program to help improve the students’ English proficiency. The program, designed specifically for international students, stresses conversation, listening, pronunciation, idioms, grammar, reading, writing, and vocabulary. Students are grouped into four levels: beginner, low intermediate, high intermediate, and advanced.

Conversation and Listening:
Designed for students who wish to improve conversational fluency and listening comprehension, this class focuses on communicating ideas in English. Audio, video, and reading materials are used for conversation topics and for developing listening skills.

Pronunciation – Consonants and Vowels:
Students learn the basic techniques needed to produce correct sounds. Students are trained to use the organs of speech to form consonant and vowel sounds. Individual and common pronunciation problems are addressed through teacher modeling and correction as well as peer feedback.

Pronunciation – Intonation, Stress, and Rhythm:
In this course, students practice the ‘music’ of English. Students analyze how intonation, or the pitch of their voice, carries meaning. Students also learn the importance of word and sentence stress to being understood. Studying the rhythm of English helps students speak more clearly and fluently.

The course is designed for students who wish to increase their English fluency through the mastery of idioms. Students will be given the opportunity to practice in contextualized settings, using news reports, radio programs, songs, role play exercises, presentations, magazines, and advertisements.

Grammar and Writing:
Students explore grammar in the context of their own writing and through controlled exercises from the textbook. Emphasis is placed on error analysis to help students master their mistakes and improve their writing through the process of editing and revising.

Reading and Vocabulary:
This course is designed for students who wish to increase both reading speed and comprehension. Proficient reading requires a number of skills. Students learn to determine their purpose in reading (academic or recreational), and apply strategies and skills to achieve their goals.

Usually, SB Education offers the language program on a group basis. Please check our website for the latest course offerings and schedule or contact SB Education.

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