Summer Camp

Our summer camp has two sxciting programs designed specifically for two different age groups:1st-8th grades; and 9thand up.A brief summary of both programs is provided below:

Summer Day Program for 1st- 8th grades is a six -week camp held on Monday- Thursday The full day program is from 8:30-5pm.
semi-full and half-day programs are available, too.

  • English, Math(morning)
  • Writing ,Creative problem solving,Science,Art(afternoon)
  • Sporting Activity (late afternoon)

Summer program for 9th grade and up is an intensive academic program in advanced subjects(Math,English,and Science)and college preparatory tests.

  • SAt,SAT II(MAth, Biology, Chemistry,and Physics)
  • Enrichment classes in English, Advanced Math and Science

Summer Camp Schedule
Summer Camp Schedule application

Our Program

We offer many kinds of programs for students of all ages in a year-round basis. We have an outstanding program for high school students covering advanced classes and college preparatory tests.

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